Bossa Zuzu

Bossa Zuzu is a project that plays Brazilian Jazz Music. CLICK HERE for the full Bossa Zuzu website.

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the famous bossa nova album, Getz/Gilberto, and a Brazilian Jazz group in Los Angeles is reinterpreting the classic sound. Bossa Zuzu is a neo-bossa nova group formed by saxophonist/pianist Dan Reckard and guitarist/vocalist Capital. Their new album, “Under Leaves Under Sky” was produced by GRAMMY winning jazz musician Peter Erskine. The 12-track LP consists of mostly original music that draws from diverse Brazilian styles such as samba and forró as well as the duo’s various influences from jazz, R & B and rock. Also featured are songs by Brazilian composers Pixinguinha, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Guinga. 

Though Bossa Zuzu mostly perform as a duo or a quartet, “Under Leaves Under Sky” features a large group of some of the finest musicians in the LA area: flutist Rumi Flute, seven-string guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento, percussionists Aaron Serfaty, Kevin Yokota, Simon Carroll and Ana Barreiro, as well as special guest vocalist Kana Shimanuki. Each contributed their own artistry, and the result is an organic musical concoction of deep grooves, warm harmonies, and catchy melodies. The goal of the album is to be a rebirth of the bossa nova aesthetic for the 21st Century. 

Bossa Zuzu has toured nationally and in Japan, and have been featured on radio, TV and in movies. More information can be found at as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Under Leaves Under Sky can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and


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